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I got this paper at an estate sale. It was made in Rhode Island in 1768 and is the estate inventory of a gentleman, Obadiah Balleu. I got it because John Dexter, clerk of the city council, is a several greats uncle (brother to my namesake Samuel Dexter). The, perhaps, more interesting individual on the document is one of the three people hired by the city council as impartial appraisers of the estate. Nathan Arnold was captain of the Rhode Island Minute Men and was wounded at the Battle of Rhode Island in 1778, later succumbing to his wounds. All around a cool document. Obadiah Balleu was born in Rhode Island in 1689 and was the third generation from the colony! There are similarities, but enough differences in the signatures that I believe it to actually signed by Captain Arnold. Certainly the shaky hand of James Balleu is different and there is enough difference in the B in Balleu and Benoni to make me think three individuals signed the document.





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