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China Relief Expedition 1900 and Military Order of the Dragon


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Here is another 1900 China Relief Expedition group. This group was part of the Albert Gleim collection and includes some of his notes on the Imperial Order of the Dragon medal number 1022.

George C. Ott served in the Spanish American War and in the Boxer Rebellion in China. Ott was a member Capt. Henry J. Reilly's Light Battery F of the U.S. 5th Artillery. The 5th artillery fought at Tientsin, Yangtsun and on August 15, Battery F of the U.S. 5th Artillery shattered the gates leading into the Inner City with several well-placed salvos, opening the way for the allied troops to occupy the center of Peking. Captain Reilly was killed by hostile enemy fire on August 15, 1900 during that engagement. Ott’s Army China medal is not numbered, however it is engraved “George C. Ott Light Battery F 5th Artillery Tientsin Yangtsun Pekin,” his Imperial Order of the Dragon medal is numbered 1022. There is also a Connecticut Spanish American War medal and a Military Order of the Serpent medal. Included with the group is Ott’s Artillery cap badge and a jeweler made China reunion medal made by H.W. Standish of Willimantic Conn. Standish was a production jeweler during the 1920’s. I tried to have Ott researched, however, his records seem to have been destroyed in the fire.





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I am always just dumbfounded by the quality and depth of the groupings that you share with the forum. The Corps Badge is UNBELIEVABLE! THANK YOU for sharing these gems.



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Dick: missed this the first time around....absolutely fantastic group. Here's a new shot of Reilly's Battery in Peking the Winter of 1900-01. 


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