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WWI era New York National Guard Uniform?

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Am trying to find out more information about a uniform I have. It has WWI era collar devices, New York National Guard (or Militia?) buttons (with the backmark Ridabock Co, New York). The uniform itself looks to be immediately post Span Am War to me. Anybody have any other opinions on the uniform as to age and attribution with the NY buttons?I did research on the internet and could find nothing and Albert's button book does not list this backmark for NY buttons.



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More....forgot to mention that this seems to me to be a c. 1901-1905 US uniform with NY buttons that was used during WWI since it has WWI collar disks on it and am wondering if this is the case, how common was this? Or were the WWI collar disks added by someone else later on?

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It is entirely possible that it was worn between 1916 and 1917. I used to metal detect around Camp Wadsworth (training site of the 27th Division) and dug a number of New York buttons over the years. The examples I found included both the early domed type and the later style with the horizontal lines. Remember that clothing and equipment were in short supply when the U.S. entered the war and the National Guard carried pretty everything that was serviceable to the training camps.


The attached photos show Lt. Col. William A. Taylor of the 108th Infantry. He is clearly wearing a jacket with New York buttons. This is from "A Short History and Illustrated Roster of the 108th Infantry," published in 1918.








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