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Dug Bullet


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I think Iron Bender has hit the nail on the head.

Here is a little bit about Williams' Cleaner Bullets from wiki- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williams_cleaner_bullet

Type I bullets have a central post and two zinc disks with six slits. Type I cartridges can be found in both tan and blue cartridge paper. Type II and III's have a zinc base "plunger" (similar to a flat washer), and one disk without slits. Type II cleaner cartridges can be found in both white and tan cartridge paper. Type III cartridges can be found in red, blue and tan cartridge paper. Type III bullets are also the shorter of the three designed for rifle muskets. The fourth type for the "Coffee Mill" gun which at first looks like the standard Type III is slightly larger in diameter. A vernier caliper would be needed to confirm.

According to "Round Ball to Rim Fire part 1" by Dean S. Thomas, in 1863 there is also mention of a .69 caliber version of the Williams cleaner bullet but none were ever purchased by the Ordnance Dept.

At first the standard package of 10 arsenal-issued cartridges contained eleven percussion caps in a separate tube and one Williams patent cartridge out of the 10 cartridges. Later this amount was increased to three of the 10 and then to six by August 1864. Originally Soldiers were instructed to use the special bullets as every tenth round fired.

Williams cartridges were made up in the same fashion as the standard .58 caliber cartridge with 60 grains of black powder, but no official documentation has ever been located indicating that the cartridges should be made up in a colored cartridge paper. Surviving examples show blue, red, green and a white / off white cartridge paper used along with the standard "buff" tan cartridge paper in their production.



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Looks like he was in a hurry. I bet it had a weird trajectory. I’ve read about troops firing ram rods and the peculiar noise it makes going by you. I’ll bet that tompion had a weird noise as it went by. Really cool relic , thanks for posting. Mike

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