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RTU-84 patch


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Obviously related to nighttime helicopter anti-submarine activities. Radar Training Unit? Replacement Training Unit? Reconnaissance Training Unit? The only references I could find to RTU units were replacement training units form the Army Air Force during WW II.


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RTU-84 was located at Imperial Beach with HS-84. Eventually it apparently became HS-1421. All USNR anti-sub outfits. RTU was Reserve Training Unit I believe.



CTRL+F on a windows computer to search RTU-84

Naval Aeronautical Organization July 1971

Naval Aeronautical Organization January 1972



Naval Aeronautical Organization July 1975

Naval Aeronautical Organization July 1976

Naval History and Heritage Command Insignia Collection Finding Aid

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Aha! Thank you very much. 'Reserve' was one of the R's I forgot to think about. Also, thank you for the links to their history, I appreciate it.

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Salvage Sailor

The typical USNR NARTU patch has the "N A" for Naval Air on them so quite unusual to see only RTU on this one.



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