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Current Issued US Army Sleeping and Rain Gear

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There are indeed USGI contract UCP poncho liners (just got a bunch in last week, most contract 2006 I think). Also two types of USGI contract UCP ponchos--one that is solid UCP on both sides, and one thicker tarp-like that has UCP on one side, and desert tan on the other (tarp may just be a tarp, not a poncho come to think of it). They also switched to awful plastic snaps on these new issue ponchos.


I have not been able to confirm on the OCP however. There are a number of OCP poncho liners made by 'Tech Products' that are being sold for high prices as 'USGI' by various places...yet they have a glaringly bogus 'DLA-96-' contract number. My local surplus store has some very good copies of ponchos in OCP, but they aren't USGI either.


I also cannot confirm whether there are OCP sleep systems. At least none have yet hit the surplus market.

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