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Help identifying bayonet scabbard

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Hello everyone, I have come into possession of this bayonet and scabbard that I am trying to find out the type and era of. It looks like the bayonet is a model M1 from the WW2 or Korea timeframes. The scabbard is throwing me for a loop. It doesnt carry the traditional flaming bomb of a US model. It has what looks like a crown and the letters F K F. Im assuming it was a foreign country that just copied our style post-WW2. The scabbard definitely feels like it has a wood body, and it looks like its made to attach to a US style pistol belt, having the bent wire hooks. Any ideas on the origin of this scabbard? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!





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Danish. My CMP Garand has a Danish Crown marked barrel, reported to be the finest made. Some truth to that, it gets 2" minus groups at 100 yards with HXP ammo, my other Garand with a mint USGI barrel gives me only 3" groups.Yours most likely a Danish return to the CMP.

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FKF is an abbreviation of Førsvarets Krigsmateriel Førvaltning (Defense War Materiel Administration). This marking was used prior to 1960.

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