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Trenton, Mercer airport Wings of Freedom tour

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Been watching on the virtual radar to see if they would fly this way, but been pretty much staying over on the Jersey side. I did catch the P-51 yesterday at about 10000 ft! He circled the area once then went along his way. Only I have seen of them so far.


Would of went over but saw them up in Hazleton a few weeks ago.

506th Fighter Group Historian

Interested in all items relating to the 7th AAF, especially those of the VLR P-51 Pilots of the 15th, 21st, and 506th Fighter Groups.



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Flew in that B24 when it was on tour here in central IA a few years back. What was most eye opening was how much of the aircraft was open to free-air flow. The number of gaps and openings was surprising. Can only imagine what it was like in February, over Germany, at 20K feet with 109s, 190s buzzing around and twelve 50 calibers banging away. Cold and noisy as hell....


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