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Hello from Denmark!

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As a new member I think, I'm supposed to say hello. :)

I've always been interested in history, especially in WWII's Denmark.
But as a broadening, WWII in general. And modern day political/military developments.

Besides history, my interests are photo, hamradio, collecting memorabilia ect.

I'm born in '67, have 3 "subharmonic" teens, and am living with my wife on the 26'th year...

Hope i can supply this forum, with a minimum of qualified input... ;)

Best regards

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Hello and welcome.

Im also from denmark, Odense.

Nice to see another dane in here


Thanks both!



May i ask why You're having Anders Lassen's portrait as a avatar? Related?

I'm from Randers :)

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Unteroffizer Klaus

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here. I've always loved Denmark as well, especially all the espionage taking practice there, as well as the resistance and spying. :)

Have a nice day!


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No im not related im just a big fan of him.

Was in Randers for a year ago, visited the rainforest, it was really good

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  • 7 months later...

Welcome !!
Glad you joined

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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