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Soldier with an "interesting" service record

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The back has a label that says:


Spanish Civil War Vet Studies Mechanics

Ellington Field Texas...Here is Private Joseph Natale, an American citizen, born in Franklin, New Jersey, just 23 years ago. He fought side by side with German troops during the Spanish Civil War, also serving two years in the Italian Army. In the Duce's Army, he earned the rank of sergeant while serving in a cavalry outfit. He is studying mechanics here at Ellington Field, the largest multi-motored training school in the world.


Dated March 8, 1942

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It's very likely he was never deployed to Europe to avoid any kind of personal conflict.


Then again, if he was fluent in either German or Italian languages, he might have been considered valuable over there.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


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Looks like he made to Europe.



Without data, your just another person with an opinion...................


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