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I was lucky to have picked this uniform , Hat , Belt , and Boots sometime ago for my representation of a WWI USMC Flyer . It is named to Captian K.S. Day , who was I guess was Squadron Commander , Of "C" Northern Bombing Group in WWI . What I think is unusal about it is that both the hat and the uniform are made not out of Forest Green wool , but of early Mustard Green Army wool ! The Uniform is dated 6/20/17 , so I presume early . The uniform when I got it ,did have a WWII period blue backed Bullion wing on it .This I removed knowing it was applied sometime afdter the fact and put a period Navy wing on it . Inside one of the pockets between folds was a " Navy Cross" ribbon , nobody had seemed to notice , that matched the Victory Medal ribbon that was quite well worn . And he was awarded the medal . Day went on to become a 3 star general in WWII ,again if I am correct . But anywho , its a wonderful set ! I do not think I can post any more until I am approved , so please excuse and delay .post-251832-0-29787300-1567289185_thumb.jpg

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This is Day's Matching hat again in ARMY wool , not Forest Green !! All in top shape too !post-251832-0-52633800-1567289305_thumb.jpg

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