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Need help identifying this flight suit


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Not sure what time frame this flight suit was used. Think it was around 1970 but not sure.

Thanks for you help in advance. Looks like he was in the 101st Airborne Division and was wondering

why the flag is on the wrong shoulder? Shouldn't be facing the other way?




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My own 2 cents ... It appears to be a 2 piece Nomex flight suite. What DSA info is on the tags? I think the suite has been embelished. Yes the flag "should" be going the other way, but up until OIF/OEF there wasn't a whole lot that were flying the correct direction. Hash marks on the sleeve?!?! Not on a flight suite. Airborne hat patch on the upper right shoulder? 2nd Support Brigade on left shoulder, they did have aviation support units in Europe. I can live with the aviation patches. Seems like too many and they should be on the crew chiefs helmet bag instead of the suite.


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That shirt is the 2nd style for the 2 piece nomex I think came in around 1973 or so. Has the slant zippered pockets and its a tailed shirt meant to be tucked in. Looks like someone made it into like a party suit. My father actually flew in the unit for the 1st Bde 101st Abn patch. It was HHC, 1st Bde Aviation Platoon or Detachment. That was the 3rd style patch they wore with their newer call sign Deadbone. Came out around April 1970, the time my father was rotating back CONUS. Call sign before Deadbone was Griffin. I can check their history and see if anyone has that last name. One of the other pilots my father flew with created a small book on their unit history.

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Thanks for the reply. I thought there were too many patches on it. Not sure what is up with them. All of the items came out of the same tube! If you can find a name that would be great. Thanks again. Never know

what you will find at a yard sale!

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