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Army Intelligence Binder?

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Good Afternoon,


I picked up this binder at a flea market the other day. The seller did not know anything about the binder besides that they found it in the basement of an old house at an estate sale. There is about 97 photos in the binder ranging from French generals to aerial photography, combat photos in action etc. etc. I provided about twelve photos below showing the wide variety. What do you think this folder was for?











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I think what you have is a more recent binder used to hold older photographs. I can't find the date the US Army Intelligence School (now the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence) insignia was designed but I don't think it dates back any further than the 70s. The binder looks like the sort of thing sold at the PX, though I suppose it could have been used for training materials.

Looking for older Virginia Military Institute items: insignia, uniforms, cadet sabers, documents, and groupings belonging to VMI alumni.

Also interested in Virginia Reserve Militia (VRM) uniforms and insignia, or other items of general Virginia interest.

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