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WIA 180th IR, 45th ID uniform, research help!


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Hey everyone,


So this is a jacket I picked up at the SOS this last year. Plick27 and I have been having trouble trying to get a solid ID and I was hoping someone else on the forum might know some good places to start. Laundry number is M-0975.


My presumption is that the individual who owned this jacket was wounded in one of the first campaigns of the 45th, either Sicily or Rome-Arno, and was wounded enough to warrant a trip back to the states where they joined the training command for the remainder of the war. The Unit Citation should be able to narrow down the results as from my research I believe only Companies G, K, and L of the 180th received the award. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a list of potential names from the enlistment database but was hoping anyone out there might have something which could list casualties for the unit or know where I could go to find them.






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