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Unknown possible USAF patch?


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Salvage Sailor

Probably an AEMS unit (Armaments and Electronic Maintenance Squadron) but the number is missing from the patch


A clue, the Eagle is flying over the Japanese home islands, could have been based at Yokota, Misawa, Kadena etc.

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Never saw it that I can recall, and I'm away from my references. But, it looks fighter air defense related with the missile/gun and radar like bolts over Japan. The two primary AD wings in Japan were the 35th and 51st Fighter-Interceptor Wings. A couple others that had AD roles for a bit were the 18th FBW and 4th FIW/FBW/FDW. This patch matches none of the AEMS I've seen for these units, but that means nothing as they changed designs often then. Could also be a patch done up by a TDY unit, a common occurrence. I'll take a look this weekend if nobody has ID'd it by then.



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