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Please help date label on this tiger strip jacket.

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Jacket is standard BDU patter with straight pockets and hidden buttons. Must be fairly late, but when?





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National Stock Number (NSN) 8415-01-084-1647, or NIIN 010841647, (coat,camouflage pattern) was assigned October 12, 1979 in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS). This NIIN is Available for Manual Assignment. This NSN does not replace any other NSNs.


There are no manufacturer part numbers associated to this NSN. ISO Group has several sources of supply for this NSN.


This part number has not been procured by the US Government in over 5 years.


This NSN is somewhat common among different platforms, belonging to 2 different weapons systems.


There has been very little demand for this national stock number. The demand for this NSN originated from less than 5 countries. Based on a planned procurement review by the Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) on Jul 19, 2011, this NSN's acquisition method was noted as: Suitable for Competitive Acquisition. (Potential sources shall include dealers/distributors.) The Government has unlimited rights to the technical data, and the data package is complete. Valid AMCs: 1 and 2.


This NSN is assigned to Item Name Code (INC) 14320. [A COAT DESIGNED TO MAKE THE WEARER INCONSPICUOUS AGAINST THE NATURAL BACKGROUND.]. This item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application. There is no information in the HMIRS; however, the NSN is in an FSC in Table II of Federal Standard 313 and an MSDS may be required by the user. The requirement for an MSDS is dependent on a hazard determination of the supplier or the intended end use of the product. NSN 8415010841647 contains an unknown precious metal.


This NSN is associated to Schedule B 9803100000: military wearing apparel of all types and materials, including footwear and headwear. The Schedule B End Use is listed as military apparel and footwear. NAICS classification category 314999: all other miscellaneous textile product mills.


This information was last updated on Aug 01, 2019.



Specific areas of collecting and buying interest:

WWI/WWII 40th (Sunshine) Division, Camp Kearny, Camp Harry Jones, WWI/WWII 158th Infantry, USS Oklahoma, USS Swordfish (SS-193), Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Mexican Border (1916),

Norman Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) Norman, OK, Tinker Field or AFB, Submariner Items, Knives, Bayonets, Sweetheart Jewelry, other unique

or odd items with interesting stories.


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That's all very nice, but this is a commercial item and not military issue.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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Looks to me like the manufacturer just copied a BDU tag and sewed it on the commercial product.


Our local "surplus store" sells lots of these. What's interesting to me is that they sell, for example, jackets and trousers with a "BDU Cut" in ACU, MARPAT and OCP camo patterns, as well as woodland, desert, plain black, blue, gray, and tan, and in some cases "fashion camo" colors like orange, pink, or purple.


They also sell jackets in an ACU cut (zippered jacket, angled chest pockets with Velcro flaps, shoulder pockets with Velcro patches) in ACU, OCP, woodland, MarPat, and other patterns as well.


There seems to be no limit to what they can do with the BDU and ACU 'cut'. Lots of options out there but AFAIK none of them saw actual "military" use.


Englewood, CO

US Army 1980-2005

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Notice it has no contract number. Not government procured. Meant to fool the buyer into thinking it is military.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a thousand pictures!

"I read that in war bad things happen, Ain't that the ************* truth" -1st Lt Mike Scotti







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