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Show Bar - Pointer , made of .50 case and bullet

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A new item in the collection. Don`t know the correct english word for it so I decide to write both words in the title. Made of a .50 round cut in two parts and a wooden part that looks like a piece of branch. Case marked RA 43.post-104851-0-11282700-1565796689_thumb.jpg


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Its a swagger stick which were often used as pointers.

Ive got a similar one with a 50 cal shell for the handle like yours and a copper tube and a copper point.

Its a swagger stick.

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Swagger stick - is this the short walking stick carried by an officer? English is not my mother language, and so by some special words I have problems, and my translater, too. If it is so I know such a stick from british officers. Would an US Army Officer use it, too?

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Good example Matt! And Pattons swagger stick had a spike in it.

Swagger sticks phased out of the US Military in the 50's and 60's.

Here is one of mine made out of copper and a brass shell.


The shell is stamped LC 51 and the point has National St Louis stamped into it.






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I should think that they just fell out of favor in the US Military .

Not sure what the regs say about the use of swagger sticks ?

I don't think that you ever see any US officers carrying them today ?

Ive never seen one. And back in the 1980's and 1990's I never saw one being carried.


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I know they were popular in the 50's with Marine Officers and Senior NCOs until the new commandant Shoup made them unpopular by saying if you feel you need to carry one do so. I had the brass tip of my dad's with an EGA on it so restored it for him several years ago. On the bottom end I put a WWII dated .50 cal brass casing I found in the desert near Quartzsite AZ where Patton trained tank crews

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Salvage Sailor



Yes, US Army officers carried them too occasionally, most famously General Patton.



The Brass in Hawaiian Territory 1923 - Left to Right

Major General Charles P. Summerall commanding the Hawaiian Department

Brigadier General Joseph F. Kuhn commanding the Hawaiian Division

Brigadier General John Barrette commanding the Hawaiian Coast Artillery District

HD HQ 1923 001.jpg

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