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Unknown unit patch: USN Bombing Squadron 104

R. Watkins

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Does anyone recognize this emblem?


I came across this on eBay today but there was information on it other then the squadron designation and that

it was WWII.


In my experience, if this had been a USAAF outfit it have been designated as 104thBombSqdn. The way the

squadron designation apperas on this patch strikes me as being more RAF/RAAF, et al.


Does this design ring any bells for anyone?




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Ive seen some similar patches that were sold as navy patrol bombing squadrons.


Edit: Found this



Thanks for the link. This sure seems to narrow down the possibilties.

What was throwing me off though was the USN generally designated its squadron with a combination of letters and numerals e.g. VA, VF, VB, etc.

This is the first time I've seen this type of usage on a WWII era Navy patch, but then again this a bit out of my specific area of research.


Thank again for the help.


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