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AUSTRALIAN Battledress 1st USMC Div Bloodied Patch Theodore Wall

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AUSTRALIAN Battledress 1st USMC Div Bloodied Patch of Theodore Wall, Weapons Company 1st Marine Regiment. Wall served at Capt. Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa. He was wounded at Okinawa. His records seem to have confusion on date wounded, generally accepted as May, 3, 1945. I will share the documents, maybe a forum member can help. Nice red embroidered trimmed Aussie 1st Division patch. A nice untouched battledress. Thanks


Chris Carroll



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His Casualty Card has the date of 5/3/1945 for his injury.


That is an exquisite tunic by the way.


Name: Theodore Franklin Wall

Casualty Date: 3 May 1945

Casualty Type: WIA


Service Number: 372847

Collection: US Marine WWII Casualty Card Database


Item ID: 81158

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I think the May 3rd date is the correct one.


Her is a snippet of his unit Muster Roll for April 1945, and it mentions nothing about him being wounded.


Footnote D is regarding those Marines joining the unit on the 24th, from the 29th Replacement Draft


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