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Interesting SAR vest

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They surface time to time. I believe it was a test item in the 80s and led into the development of the SARVIP survival vest. Had a opportunity to grab one about 7 years ago that still had armor I believe but I passed it up like a fool.


Might have a pic or 2 of them, i'll look later this evening. Does it still have the crotch straps? I believe it had a full body harness.


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Found the caption too which is dated 07/10/1984

The proper wear of the aircrew survival armor recovery vest, inserts and packets (SARVIP) with flight gear is demonstrated by First Lieutenant David J. Cole, 210th Combat Aviation Battalion, 193rd Infantry Brigade, Panama. A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter is in the background. The SARVIP is presently undergoing Development Test II at the US Army Tropic Test Center


Apparently they were already calling it SARVIP like the actual production item. I think the first contract from the actual production SARVIP was 1993, so they must have done testing in the 80s and held off a bit. Op Just Cause, Op Desert Shield and Storm might have put a delay on things.


Found the pic of the one I almost bought.




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