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Tennessee US 127 Garage Sale - Signal Mountain to Iowa? Feedback

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We just moved this week to Signal Mountain, Tennessee (Near Chattanooga) and although we were busy emptying boxes I did get to check out some of the vendors - It appeared to be tents etc set up along US 127 selling various items.


Has anyone else checked out this week long event and what did they find?


I found only some Navy uniforms, an Army Good Conduct Medal and some doglegs.


This appears to be an annual event for the last week in July





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So full of military pickers its hardly worth the effort. Everytime I go I swear I will never go again. It officially starts on thursday but tons are there a week before that. It is just plain luck like most things. I go looking for other items for my antique booths. 85% is retail priced now days but you CAN find a bargain.

We do about 100 mile stretch around Crossville,TN but always wanted to try more northern states....runs around 800 miles. Take food, water, and a pot to pee in!!

Not anything like it use to be but it is an adventure. Just dont plan on finding VINTAGE military items then, if you do, you will be happy.

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If you are looking to get your FitBit steps in, you are in business. I hit a decent stretch Saturday, and could tell the sellers were worn down by people asking about military stuff - some visibly frustrated. Had one house produce a pair of ACU bottoms for $6, which I left.


Does that mean it wont produce any good items? Clearly no, but I think prices and opportunities are roughly equivalent to antique stores at this point.

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