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Ferret Armored Car

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Hi everyone!


I wanted to start a topic on Ferret armored cars and hopefully hear from some owners about ownership, maintenance, and things like that. Ive long thought about buying one at some point, but I really would like to learn more about them first; its not like one can go to a dealership and try one out! Beyond things like jeeps and trucks, the Ferret seems like a more common military vehicle to own, as you can drive them legally on the street. But Id really like to hear from owners and get their impressions of Ferret ownership.


Thank you!

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From experience, they are complicated, heavy and difficult to service. Mechanical reliability is just okay, but it depends on maint history and condition, they're a hoot to drive and will go as fast in reverse as they will forward but are poor performers on soft ground and will sink up to their axles in a heartbeat in mud. A few were used by US troops in UN service but none were acquired by us military. the Mk2 is most collectible (it has the turret) but the Mk1 is cheaper and easier to service (it doesn't have the turret).

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Hi hbtcoveralls,


Could you elaborate more on what you mean by complicated and difficult to service? I figured an English armored vehicle made from the 50s to the early 70s would be more elaborate to tinker with than a modern car, but I’d like to know more in detail, if you’d care to tell.


I just discovered someone near to where I live just purchased a Ferret- I contacted him and he responded last evening, and we had a good chat. This is his first armored vehicle and he seems very open to me having a look around it, but being a newbie himself, he knows about as much as I do. Hopefully, we can strike up a friendship and I can assist him in working on it, because I’m really good interested in learning more about them.

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Please feel free continue this discussion either by Private Messaging or by picking it up on our sister forum, the World Militaria Forum. Thank you.

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