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Ed Anderson Jr

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I know it has been said here before but I will say it again. If you collect patches, save your pennies and plan on attending an ASMIC show. If not, at least join the organization.


The people are great and the more you attend, the more you learn.


I still have problems identifying real vs fake on many patches but when you go to these shows, see the patches and talk to the experienced dealers and members, you pick up a lot of info.


The people there and on this forum will also help; at this show I asked guys like Dave K., Bob C., and, via text, Allan H. for opinions and help on ID and authenticity and they were quick to help. Mort C. was also there to answer questions.


Lots of fun and worth the trip. If you do attend, take a few of your reference books to help you out. I forgot mine and they would have helped.

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I personally want to thank you for taking the pics and especially for showing my cases up close. What you said about the people at the show is very true. You get a college education talking to these people. Saw some incredible buys and very surprised to see some very rare items priced very fairly. Actually saw a patch I had never seen before and did not know it even existed. Believe it will be an article in the Trading Post. So now you have another good reason to join ASMIC. By the way did not see the final total on who won the patch battle for bringing the most and best to the convention believe was between Bob and Mort.

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Here are my photos from the Portland 2019 ASMIC show. It was a fun time. Bought some cool stuff and enjoyed visiting with people. There were many great displays this year, all of which I believe I photographed (if not let me know).. I'm not a big patch guy so didn't take too many pics of patches.. metal insignia is my thing.

I had a display of some of my local Coast Artillery items, from Oregon and Washington, I focused on pre WWI items this time. At the last ASMIC Portland meet I displayed my Harbor Defenses of the Columbia River items, this time I did both Puget Sound and Columbia River coast defenses, pre WWI as I mentioned. I got a lot of compliments on my display, was fun sharing my items with everyone.

Enjoy the photos.

First are some of my display. The 1885 and 1902 enlisted dress blues are named to the same soldier, who served in the 30th Co. CAC at Fort Worden, WA from 1903-20. The 1902 officer's dress frock is named to a Captain who served at Fort Stevens, Oregon from 1913-16 as a Captain of the 93rd and 34th Companies, CAC. Complimenting the display are original metal insignia, photos, and paper items from the Puget Sound and Columbia River forts.






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Coast Defenses of Puget Sound metal insignia.



Fort Flagler, WA photos from 1906, 94th Co. CAC



Coast Defenses of the Columbia River metal insignia




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Some of my Fort Columbia, WA and Fort Stevens, OR photos and paper items.


1950s Armored display. Some of the items displayed were actual items the displayer wore during his time in the Army in the 1950s.



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Hayes Otoupalik's display of enlisted 1902 dress blue uniforms, some amazing items, great to see them all together. The 1902 US Army dress blues is one of my favorite uniforms. A very colorful time in the army's history.





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