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bob lamoreaux

Need help on Driggs, Poole & McClean

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Been doing too much research and got confused in a major fashion (FUBAR)!

1. Apparently Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Co. of Sharon, PA was manufacturing the Lewis gun prior to Savage Arms. Driggs-Seabury was reportedly also manufacturing military rifles for one of the Allied powers prior to the US entry into World War I. Anyone know if the above is correct and, if so, what rifles were being produced?


2. Driggs must have received manufacturing rights to the Lewis gun from Automatic Arms Co. of Buffalo, NY. Anyone know when and what was paid? Or did Driggs purchase or merge with Automatic Arms?


3. Driggs Ordnance Co. (not related to Driggs-Seabury) appears to have been manufacturing the McClean 37-mm cannon either during World War I or after. There is no question that Poole Engineering of Baltimore, MD manufactured the McClean for the Czarist (Russian) government prior to the Russian Revolution. Anyone care to speculate on how Poole got the rights to make this gun and whether there was a relationship between Driggs Ordnance and Poole?


These questions arise from a book manuscript focusing on American Armament Corp. that I'm researching and writing. Came across some interesting stuff that suggests Isaac N. Lewis was involved with the McClean machine rifle before he was awarded a 43% interest in Automatic Arms Co. for his work on developing what became the Lewis gun. And more complete info on that, my friends, is only a glimpse on the stuff I've uncovered. . .the Lewis gun material being in an Appendix to the manuscript.


Will share more, if anyone is interested.


Thanks to all for your interest and any help or suggestions you can provide!

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