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WW2 Kelly Helmet

The Rooster

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The black and white photo showing the cammo paint on the B17's was taken by Edwin Stevens.. "Lucky Stevens"

And a painting showing what they looked like in color.

Screenshot_2020-09-11 Pacific Tramps.png

Screenshot_2020-10-24 Pacific Tramps.png

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The Rooster

Bumping this up for new members who collect Kelly Helmets who may not have seen this one.

This is my best helmet. Historically significant. Beautifully researched by AZNATION. And the rest of you great folks who added to this post.

And to "Lucky Stevens" "Mr Lucky" Survived 156 missions.

God bless you and your family. God Bless America.


Thanks again to Matt and all.



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I was able to correspond with one of Mr Stevens Daughters.

She told me that her Dad did indeed have a ball turret in his garage. She donated it to a museum in


I offered to give and send her Fathers helmet. No charge. She said to just keep it.

That no one in the family coming up had any interest and that I should display and enjoy it because

one day, no one will care about it.

Apparently some things were sold off that she herself had interest in., including this helmet.


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