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Another New Member: Weapons Collector

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Hi everyone!


Ive been collecting militaria for years, here and there. Ive mostly been interested in World War II, but recently Ive been researching and in to Korea and Vietnam. Much of my interest is weapon-related: guns, grenades, associated web gear, etc. . I started out 25 years ago building a collection of deactivated WWII submachine and machine guns, doing restorations on each, and collecting the associated gear.


I look forward to learning from this forum, and hopefully adding some knowledge or insight as well.



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Great collection! Like the MG34, had for some time a demilled by my own. Like the BAR, too, a very interesting weapon. A friend of mine ownes a Chauchat, the first automatic weapon US troops used in World War I when send to France. It seems in Europe the market for demilled guns will be more restricted so the time of model guns comes.

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Welcome aboard.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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Thanks everyone for the kind words about my “paperweight” collection! In the first photo, only the MP40 and the M3 Greasegun and model/replicas. The rest are deactivated. In the grenade box, the German “potato masher” is faux.


My goal was to have a submachine and machine gun from every major player in World War II; Japan is the most elusive, most expensive, so that is the hole in my collection. Some I bough deactivated, some I purchased as parts kits and rebuilt/ deactivated myself. All except the Russian DP28 (and models) I refinished myself. I like the idea of collecting different designs of the same object, seeing different ideas and methods of manufacture, and the history each gun carries with it.

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There is a Model 100 smg model; it’s almost as rare as the real thing. A few weeks ago, there was an incomplete Type 100 parts kit that was on Gunbroker that I watched. I was missing a lot, including the magazine and a big portion of the receiver; it went for over $3500, and I wasn’t even entertaining bidding, because I knew it was going to be a lot. I’ve seen Type 99 machine gun dummys go for even more.


The M3 Greasegun is a airsoft model made by ARES, it’s made of stamped metal and is really close to the real thing, including the bead weld the goes all the way around it. The MP40 is a MGC68, and I even have the letter from the government declaring it a “non-gun”.

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Thanks Martin!


I just put that together, the case and shelves inside. I think it turned out decent.


By the way, my Japanese grenade is missing the top cap and pin/pull string- if anyone has a line on where I could get those, it would be greatly appreciated.

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