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M1 Front Seam Swiv bail Steel Pot with Camo - What and When?

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Not sure if it is camo as much as it is multiple broken layers of paint. I have some late shells with a similar looking roughness and color, and the late model chin cup makes me think that this has paint from then too. The darker paint looks earlier, the late rough stuff did not seem to adhere too well in general so maybe it has broken off over time. Vet might have picked it up at a surplus store.

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It definitely has multiple layers, but the khaki sand coating seems to be intentionally spotched on there with intentional irregularity. The thick brush strokes.have a definite edge to them with less sign of chipping away, unlike on the earlier layers. There are large areas where there is absolutely no sign of that paint, even in the crevices. It definitely isn't the same standard apple-green sand paint that would come to be applied in the Vietnam-era.

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