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SM Wholesale USMC HBT Uniform colored spots

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I recently came back from an event where it was very hot wearing my SM Wholesale USMC P41 Uniform. The uniform is excellent and on-par with the quality youd receive from WWII Impressions. However, I noticed the day after when I can back from work that my uniform had certain areas where the sweat was had turned purple in color! Has anyone else had this problem with runs from SM Wholesale? This is apparently the same run of uniforms that were used during the 2010 production of The Pacific. Is there any way to get these stains out? Theyre greenish purple in color and in areas like the groin of the trousers, armpits and shoulder areas of the tunic. Anything helps.

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That was a common issue with the older uniforms as they had an unstable dye lot. From what I understand if you wash it the color corrects itself ..

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