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Need ID on 2 AAF squadron patches

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I may be wrong but I do not think so, I think those are reproductions put out in the 1980s.The color on them is way off and the construction is not like normally seen. I hope Walika- Rick sees them and Chimes in.Scotty



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The second design represents the 400th Bomb Squadron. These two patches appear to be post-war reproductions. The 400th BS insignia was early-war. See more, here.

Long-time collector of WWII Aviation: AAF, USN and USMC.




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For those not familiar with the 414thBombSqdn insignia, the story behind this design is a facinating piece of WWII history.


Attached is an after-action photo taken 1 Feb 1943 at Briskra airfield, Tunis of the 'All American'. This ship actually made

it back to its base following a 'close encouter' with a German fighter.




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