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Ronnie, thats a great looking jeep. I want one too. I did not know the jeep that Dee had was yours at one time. He did a lot of work on it and the trailer. Well, he bought tony lutes halftrack, then sold it and made fair money. Looks like we a big happy family with the military vehicles. I got a lot of ww2 stuff and vehicle parts. I was going to post a picture of our vehicles at Shiloh, but will not take, it too large. I will post some pictures later. Oh , Ive, got a m38a1 jeep, but its a basket case. cheers wendell

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Wendell I have a ton of WWII Militaria for sale. What are you looking for?

Thanks for the comment on the 46 CJ. It has a Chevy Vortech engine and it will fly. Or at least it would fly as I just sold it. It’s moving to Florida.








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