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E.W. Stone Theatre Copy Knife / Possible Maker Named

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Read the "knife world" interview article with EW sr. ! It's the most truthful information on these knife & of course EW sr. Made knives in ww2 ?. If you have a letter or proven info direct from sr. & only sr. RIP Before he passed & have a ww2 ew made knife you have a true holy grail ! Imo $10,000 or more knife. Problem is everyone & their dog made them in ww2 too.

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Will try and find the Knife World Article you mention.

You seem to know about these WW2 EW Stone made Knives.

Since there were Copies made during WW2 and Counterfeits

made after WW2 to Present Day.

How does a person determine a WW2 EW Stone made knife

from all these other counterfeits?


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Sadly the only TRUE person has passed who knew what was his & what was not. IMO their is NO way ,to say what is a ww2 EW & what's ww2 other maker.It's all just opinion,at this point . Knife world article is a excellent resource on these & I believe the only interview E.W. sr. Ever did.

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What you said is more common than not.


What can we get from this topic.

This knife falls into three areas:

1. WW2 made knife by EW Stone

2. WW2 EW Stone Copies

3. Post WW2 EW Stone Counterfeits

(Not counting the knives made by knife makers post WW2

and post WW2 knives made by EW Stone Sr.).

Unfortunately the only person who would

know a WW2 made EW Stone Knife from WW2 Copies and

Counterfeits made Post WW2 to present-day has passed on.


This topic has proven :

These EW Stone Knives are

still being Counterfeited.

The Knife in this topic (post # 1 and 2) was purchased earlier

this year (2019) and reconfigurated into a

Counterfeit Pig Nose knife and

passed on to collector trinity who

did not know it was a counterfeit until

identified here in this topic ( posts # 7 / 8 / 9 )


The letters of Authenticity:

Letter of Authenticity show in this

topic (post # 3). Which IDs this Pig Nose

as Theater made copy done in the Pacific during WW2.

This Counterfeit passed this person inspection.

Which now all knives with letters of Authenticity

from this person could also be counterfeits.

If this person could not detect this knife to be a

counterfeit, then who does a collector go to

for advice.


Since these Knives are Counterfeited

a collector should have concern with a Knife

that has a letter of Authenticity signed EW Stone Sr.

For there is nothing new with signed counterfeit paperwork

a person would need to get several confirmed original signers of

EW Stone Sr. and have a Well Known Hand writing expert

authentic signer. This is not impossible but

very difficult.


One may be able to say there were

more EW Stone knives made Post WW2 to Present Day than during WW2.


This topic has been very helpful and hope collectors research these knives more

and to be careful when purchasing.

For this topic has shown us theres no one who knows a WW2 Stone knife form a Post WW2 Counterfeit.

We should all thank Trinity for unknowingly bring this to light and to those who pointed this counterfeit out.

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Understandable, being introduced to the subject thru this thread without benefit of previous threads on the subject of the E.W. Stone knives does make it hard to put this thread into context.


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My friend made a couple of skull knives while up at the original foundry that made these for well you know. He sold a couple and gave me 2.He was harassed & threatened with violence & legal action by a very uninformed member on this forum. I exposed the true perp pumping out the skull knives many years ago on this forum. I was laughed at & mocked even called a male a mr. & a bitch to further humiliate me ! Now ALL these experts are scarce ! Rude ! That's why.

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Found this doing a google search.


It appears to be an old ad offering a Stone knuckle knife for $550.


What is curious is the bottom left of the screen that lists the Contact details for this listing as "Cromwellcorp".


Is this Cromwellcorp somehow connected to the poster on this thread or just a coincidence?






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OK well I will bite... The ad above is listed in the antique/militaria section of that site and listed as a WW II EW Stone Theatre knife. I did not see the words reproduction or new or EDMF in there anywhere, did I miss it?


Just asking a question, not throwing any "stones" so to speak. I don't want to be put on the A-hole list although I have been accused of that quite a few times!


All the best

Frank Trzaska

All The Best

Frank Trzaska

Visit us at USMilitaryKnives.Com

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