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Study: USN WWII Gray Uniforms 1943-1949

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Stephenson was also a 'one hashmark chief', and unfortunately this uniform did not come with his ribbons. A Motor Machinist's Mate rating was established as a separate speciality from the ratings wearing the mark of Machinist's Mate in 1942. It was disestablished and combined into Engineman in 1948.


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These are his shirt collar insignia (unfortunately the light grey shirt is not here), and his ruptured duck pin with the original wrapper. I found these in the pocket with his cap & ribbons when I acquired the uniform.


The Ensigns bars are hallmarked AMICO 1/20 10K G on S



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I've not fully researched this officer, but he was most likely in a staff position. You may be seeing this as a more blue or even purple uniform, and the color is really unique. It is an interesting shade of grey and has lavendar stitching. This LT(JG) also had some bucks.


The shoulder boards are high quality, but standard USN Grey color. It must have had matching tailored boards when he was an Ensign, and he did not get a custom set when he was promoted to LT(JG).




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This was an expensive uniform. Fully lined, excellent materials and design, with snaps on the corners of the pocket flaps.


I can see the ribbon shadows for two full bars (at least six ribbons) but I wonder if he ever made it out of the US.



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