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I've been collecting WWII Aircraft Data Plates for a long time and never ran into an item like this. This is the info with the item....

Model: Consolidated B-24D-1-CO Liberator

US Army Air Corps Serial (USAAC) # 41-23747

Manufacturer Serial (MSN) # 542

It kind of reminds me of a tool check tag . Anyone familiar with this type of item ??? It has Consolidated Aircract Inspection Stamps on the rear...





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Not that I have seen everything, but in going through the list of QA and HT stamps for Chance Vought and Consolidated / Vultee-Convair I see all of their stamps are interlinked "C-V" not "C-A" as seen in your photo.. As for the double foot "A" that is also new to me. I will ask around.

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Ram957, I got confirmation this type stamp is only found on the B-24 D and no other B-24's. As far as it being a tool check item...I'm not so sure about that. To me it looks like a tag used to identify something like a wing or tail section that has been selected for one aircraft. B-24's had allot of sub assembled parts used to put together one aircraft. The subsections were tagged to make that specific B-24. That is a very cool item!!!

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