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Mannequin / Dummy Review Thread


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I really liked the thread Bob Hudson started about the economy mannequins now for sale. Buying a mannequin to display a uniform on is a big step - and if you're buying retail instead of a used one, be prepared to drop over $100 (with a few exceptions). Some of us have ordered things that turned out great, others not so much....so the idea is when you buy a mannequin, post a review here so others can know what they're getting before dropping the money.


I had someone ask about the dummies "Don't you think it's weird having them around?" It's as weird as you make it...to me, it makes more sense to display a complete ensemble of rare stuff as it was worn, than to have the worlds greatest tote bin collection.


Since a lot of us want to build displays and not all mannequins are made for vintage uniforms, I figured those of us that bought different types from suppliers could review them here.


Here is review #1:


Type: Shooter Torso (there is also a full body version that probably uses the same arms - torso)

Maker: Unknown - Likely BassPro Contract overruns

Sold by: Stamps Store Fixtures (Sold out - was selling as clearance) Might be available again.



Military-style pose

Medium sizes. I wouldn't bet on anything smaller than a 40 chest, the shoulders are big enough, a longer length would be needed to look OK given the arm position. I had a 40R HBT jacket on it, looks just fine.

Molded hair is smooth, M1 Helmet with sweat band let-out fits over it without issues.



Only holds rifles that are straight stocks - nothing with a pistol grip will fit quite right. The picture below shows the stock of an M1903 Philadelphia training rifle from 1918....fits just fine. Paris Dunn WWII 1903 trainers as well. Even with a lighter drill rifle - it tips forward without a counter-weight (15lb dumbbell is on the base in the picture below). Training rifles would work, real rifles of the less than 10lb category as long as you secure the base and wire tie the rifle in the hands. Anything heavier, you'll need to prop the end of the barrel on something as well.


Overall, great for the closeout price Stamps was selling them for, but not good enough to pay full retail prices for.








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Type: MD-STEVE 5'8

Maker: Roxy Display?

Sold by: Roxy Display (Website and Ebay)


Perfect size for vintage uniforms....5'8 tall and 34" chest. Cost is normally under $200 shipped in the lower 48 (ebay sometimes cheaper than their website). Body is proportional. Has a calf support and metal base (doesn't need a hole drilled in the bottom of whatever low boots you put on him). Fits the classic and common WWII 36R uniforms perfectly. No hair, but vintage headgear in smaller sizes fit just fine. Face looks about right for a young WWII serviceman.


Arms are fixed with a slight bend making dressing a little more difficult- especially with multiple layers. Feet are a little large for some vintage boots at 9.5 (you could cut them down and not see it). Calf support socket is too high for any high topped boots (cavalry, rubber engineer, etc), so you'd have to prop the dummy up or secure him some other way if in these boots.

Overall, one of the best commercial models available out there right now. The picture below shows this model in full original Normandy gear from my collection - M41 is a 36 R, shirt is 15x32, pants are a 29-30 waist. Boots are 11.5 AAA.




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Type: MD-BC8S

Maker: Roxy Display?

Sold by: Roxy Display (Website and Ebay)


Marketed by Roxy as perfect for vintage uniforms - store photos even show older uniforms on the display. At 5'8 with a 36" chest, this would seem to work for many vintage uniforms. The movable arms are great to have the guy holding stuff. Metal stand with calf support.


This dummy has a serious case of disproportionate dimensions. The neck needs at least a 16"+ neck shirt to close the collar and is very long for body. The legs are total stumps with almost no taper on the calves and the feet are very fat. This makes putting anything older beyond shoe paks or overshoes without the boots inside very difficult. Vietnam and later combat boots in sizes 11+ would probably be OK.

Overall, not worth the money based on the dimension issues. If you're only using it for combat gear and have some boots in larger sizes it'll be OK, but the dimensional issues of the neck and legs negate spending the money to buy a 5'8 dummy that "fits" vintage uniforms!! Picture below shows the one I own in a 36R one-piece jungle suit....the Jungle packs are covering his feet because no original footwear I owned would fit for the display.



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One more to add. Recently got one of this type second hand. The sizes would lead one to believe it'd be perfect for vintage uniforms, but it has some issues.


Model: Teenage Male SK-10


Maker: Unknown


Sold by: Roxy and a few others (Normal price is around $130+shipping,  some others have the price jacked way up.)


**There are two similar models with one hand held to the head for headphones, and another with hands behind the back...I have not looked at the other sub types in person, but they may have some of the same attributes / issues.


Seller Specs:

Shoulder 17"

Bust 33"

Waist 26.5"

Hip 34"


Height 67 (5'7")


Pros: Perfect chest size for the those really small vintage uniforms (WWI, etc). easily wears a 34R jacket with shirt. Features are well done and life like.  


Cons:  The head is the smallest head I've ever seen on a dummy (or human). It looks OK in pictures, but when I put an NOS Daisy Mae HBT cap size 6 7/8 it swims on the guy. M1 helmets look like a 10 year old kid wearing a cooking wok.  As a compliment to the smallest head, the feet at size 10+ are HUGE compared to a skinny 5'7 body. The fact that the torso fits vintage uniforms is overridden by the fact that vintage boots of similar sizes will not work unless you take a chop saw to the feet. 


Overall not disappointed for the $25 I spent finding one with some wear second hand....but given the issues with the head and feet sizes, I would not have spent $100+ on this model for vintage uniforms or equipment. 




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Here is one of my Roxy. It is the 5'7" model shown above. 

 I got it to make up a display to Honor my Uncle. B-17 tailgunner.

Like mentioned It has a small head circumference. I used a B-1 cap and put the headset on it to hold it in place715660444_JoeFace.jpg.b2751273a5517ea68b76c9d25ecde6ab.jpg I bought a wig and its working ok.

 The feet are large for the size. I'm thinking of cutting the toes off.


 I dressed it up, But now I'm thinking I would like to put a little something on the face to make it look more of a crew member and not a Polo player. 


Semper Fi



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