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My favorite Patches

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Not to hijack this thread but I would say best submarine movies are Red October and Das Boot, but Crimson Tide is my number three.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing. The Red October patches are good, but like the ship Tabs more. All you need is a Crimson Tide patch. (the two best Submarine movies). Lifer

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Lifer, At VF-126 we flew the TA4-J, the two-seater Skyhawk. I was backseat qual'ed on that, the Phantom and the Tomcat. And I'd jump into an Intruder any day (side-seat drivers!)


As for Sub Flicks; Hunt for Red October, the new(er) Hunter-Killer, U-571, Crimson Tide, Das Boot, Run Silent-Run Deep, K-19- the Widowmaker, Assault on a Queen (an oldie!).

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I was trying to figure out the time line. Having the Skyhawks still in service. As for the A-6's, that was one mean plane too. Good movie as well.

Okay, now that there is more, with others mentioning their favorites, I will continue and mention the rest; Run Silent Run Deep, The enemy below, U-571, K-19, Up Periscope, Operation Petticoat (old and new) and Down Periscope. Does Voyage to the bottom of the Sea count.


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