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Trailer for the new movie "Midway"

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The new movie may be great, but no one can beat Hal Holbrook as Joseph Rochefort!



Captain Garth : Can I ask you something personal? Very personal?
Commander Rochefort : Sure.
Captain Garth : You know, it really stinks down here. How often do some of your people take a bath?
Commander Rochefort : Bath? Hell, I don't know. What *day* is it?




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Going to see Midway tomorrow.

Really hope the Raiders are well represented.

I flew the B-25 Wild Cargo to Montreal last year for the filming.

Sets were very impressive.



...and on the eighth day, God created the radial engine...

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I saw the movie yesterday and I liked it.


Like always there are some scenes that are really unrealistic but it was nice with a movie depicting navy pilots.





Looking for an engraved Purple Heart from the Normandy campaign and the Battle of the Bulge.  

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Watched it last night after a local critic said is was worth going to..

and as it turned out ..it was a good movie worth the few bucks and a few hours entertainment...unlike PH


A few things really impressed me..

The first was the residential interior building trim..the many coats of paint on the door jams...the door hinges, bathroom vanity...

the use of the B-26s...generally an over looked fact of Midway...although there were only 4 B-26s in reality attacking the fleet...it was nice to see em..


But why...Oh the humanity, did someone put these on Midway Island???..was a reenactor one of the prop guys?


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I watched this with my wife on Sunday.

She said aloud

That was worse than the Ben a flick war movie.

I got to agree it was terrible




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