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Looking for Air Medal for Forrest Darblay JR.

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Francis and Forrest Darblay were friends of my grandparents, whos son Forrest JR was shot down and killed in December 1944. I found out he was in the 376th Bomb Group. I have some of his possessions such as postcards and some miscellaneous things, but I am missing his air medal. I have the case for it, but it was full of buttons sadly. Any info and help is greatly appreciated, I'd love to get this back with his other things.


His family is from East Sandwich MA if that helps at all.


His name can be found on the 376th website of KIA





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Are you looking for his Air Medal or Purple Heart? I don't know if Air Medals would have been named even for KIA persons but his Purple Heart would have been engraved with his name.

Forgot about the purple heart! Yes I'm looking for both then. I'm not sure when he was awarded the air medal. I've sent away for his records but haven't received anything yet. Would the air medal have been awarded posthumously?

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In December of 1944 the 376th was part of the 15th AF. I believe in the 15th for the heavy bomb groups, the aircrew members were awarded the Air Medal after completing 5 sorties, and then an OLC for each additional 5 sorties. Aircrew members could also be awarded Air Medals for other actions such as shooting down enemy aircraft.


Depending on how many missions he had flown before he was lost, he might have been awarded the Air Medal before he was killed.


The next time I visit my parents I will have to check and see if my mother's brother's Air Medal has his name on it. His AM was awarded posthumously along with his Purple Heart and I know his PH came with his name engraved on it.



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Posthumous Air Medals were engraved in the following format:






AC means " Air Corps"


There is a possibility he received the Air Medal before he was killed and in that case, it would not be named generally.



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