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What Production Date? Schluster 495A

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I have an unissued M-1 helmet with flexible chin strap loop and the steel band is edged in the back. Marked with large S and lot #495A. Does a Forum Member know About what year and month it was it made? The chin straps are dark OD. I would like to marry it to a correct liner. Any help appreciated.

Steve B in Alabama.....Roll Tide


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I am afraid I lack the capacity to understand the need for attempting to date a helmet shell to the speculated year and month of pressing. But then I am old and crotchety so......

As to your description of the component parts of the steel body (rear seam edging, hinged chin strap loops with OD#7 straps) your helmet exhibits final manufacturing characteristics which would have been implemented during 1945 manufacturing.


Any liner would be appropriate however, if you want a liner with late war manufactured characteristics like your steel shell, I suggest a high pressure liner with blackened brass washers.

You can find head bands and neck bands date stamped to 1945 and you would want a leather chinstrap with a blackened brass buckle with the patent number embossed into the flip.

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