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Bought this from a dealer.

It is complete, tho photo only shows mechanicals


Manufactured by Inland, as marked on the receiver. This interesting gun was professionally made into an instructional cutaway to show the mechanics of operation and even has a cutaway cartridge in the chamber.

The cutaway conversion deactivated the gun, so no FFL required.

The hammer does not always catch the sear, otherwise mechanically complete and functions fine.

Metal has (unfortunately!) been refinished black with a little scattered light pitting. Nice red paint in the cutaway areas.

Wood has (unfortunately!) been sanded and has nice even finish.

Barrel 1942

Receiver 1/1944

Even has a cutaway round in the chamber that I would love to get out so I can put an inert real one in there..


Going to refinish the stock to USGI look.







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Dang thats cool??.....mike

Always looking for and buying 50's era 11th Airborne/ 187th ARCT/ 82nd Airborne tac mark painted jump helmets!





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and that 1 is in super shape. all you now need is the garand.






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That’s a fun and interesting piece to have in your collection!




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