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Battle of Long Tan movie

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New Aussie flick slated for release soon, I believe. Hopefully we can see it here in the states.

Now, I know it was an Aussie/NZ battle but the US lent air and arty support--which looks like it may be depicted in the movie--so I hope the mods let this topic stay.

Looks interesting.







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I hope its released in the states. Its a good way to honor our allies who also lost their sons in that war.





GOD Bless Texas And All That Serve Her

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Yes, It will have a limited release in the US, I'm not sure where exactly but they will announce it on their Instagram if you follow them. Or ill post updates here if need be.


Through my work we advised on the uniforms, made a few crew items, hats, t shirts etc plus we invested into the film, so I was fortunate enough to see it a few months back. We are also doing a bunch of items for the release in August in Australia.


Its very good, with some very poignant, tense and action filled scenes mixed with some classic Aussie humor, It will hold its own against the big budget Hollywood flicks. It brought the Vietnam veterans that were there to tears which was definitely something that sends shivers up your spine.


If you want to brush up on the battle of Long Tan, there is a good book by David Cameron or one by Lt Col Harry Smith (Ret) who was OC D Coy in the battle of Long Tan


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Always looking for Vietnam War US Special Forces/MACV-SOG jungle shirts/uniforms and OG107 Shirts/uniforms.












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Please feel free to add this to our sister Forum... worldmilitariaforum.com


If you have not yet joined, it is run by the same friendly folks who run this one. We are always looking for new content.

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For those that care, this is now out on video here stateside, I just picked up a copy and will be watching it tonight.

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