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WW2 Talker5 Helmet Display

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Greetings all.

Im dedicating this to all you great folks who did serve are serving and will serve in the future in...


The United States Navy


My uncle before he was a Marine….. was a in the US Navy. My hats of to all who served.

Water scared the heck out of me… thats why I was a ground pounder.

My hats off and my helmet is dedicated to you all brave Navy Folks.




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What we have here is an MK2 Talker. It started life OD green. At some point was painted blue and then finally Haze Grey.

The liner is in great condition.. The thing is huge… I'd seen pictures but when I opened it up and took it out of the box…..

well… its like a big salad bowl in your hands. Huge.


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The coolest aspect of the sound powered gear is that both sets work!!!!

I put one set in the kitchen with my Son and took another set in the livingroom

and hooked the alligator clips at the end of one set to the jack at the end of the other set. We could hear each other just fine.

I could also talk through the earphones. Talk thru one listen through the other.

Amazingly these things still work!!!

Im pretty sure they are ww2 models?? Made by

The Automatic Electric Company.


I know the helmet started off green because when it was overpai


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I know the helmet started out green because when they painted it blue…. they kept about

1/4 inch away from the liner and you can see the OD green.

Haze gray was only applied to the outside1JV has to do with Manuvering the ship.

Lookouts??? Maybe you Navy vets can fill in the info on 1JV

Also… The Talker Blast Helmet. I thought it was to shield the earphones from excess noise. Now I don't think so. Im not sure what they were really for or if the talkers

ever really wore them. Maybe with the Leather helmet… it would be more comfortable with the steel on your head?

Thank you.

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I spent twenty years in the 'Canoe Club' and had never seen the 'blast helmet', ever. Now I will note that I never spent any time on the gun line either, and the biggest guns on any of my boats were 3"/50's. If you were manning the phones for a 5" gun or a 20MM gallery, I'd bet they would come in quite handy.

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Here's a quick reference I did on the blast helmets a few years ago. From the photos, you can see they really were widely used: https://pilotsmanyourplanes.com/Page_148.html


Thank you kindly!! Thats sews things up!! I was questioning wether to use the recon goggles but I could see someone using them on look out.

Im real glad I picked up the blast helmet to go with this. It ties it all together. And its more stable on the shelf.

Thank you again !

I appreciate all that info.

I think my sound powered sets are for destroyers and smaller ships due to the small headphone pads.

I read somewhere the bigger pads mean a bigger ship. Dont know for sure...


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