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WWII Victor Electric Drill Property Army Air Force

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This beast was a garage sale pickup recently. The guy I bought it from said his dad worked as a civilian on an A.F. base for a while and this was part of some surplus equipment he bought. It was made by Victor for the Army Air Corps, and looks to be a 1942 production. "Beast" is certainly an appropriate description for this drill, as it weighs north of 10 lbs and is very solidly built. It’s definitely seen better days, missing a chunk off the back and a frayed power cord at the base. I did take a risk and plug it in when I first bought it and everything seemed to work, but I didn’t push it. I’m seriously considering taking it on as a restoration project.

I’m still finding out more about this type of equipment but any input is always appreciated!


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Chuck is broken, missing one of 3 jaw pieces, rear cover is also MIA, IIRC had a “D” shaped handle/ grip that covered rear of armature. Chuck can be replaced, open it , look inside, should be a screw holding it in. May have to use kroil or similar to loosen it, remove screw and old chick will unscrew. May have to check flea markets ect for same size chuck? Few cans of “ canned air” should clean out all the crud in rear around armature. Cord is easy to replace. Unsure how to replace rear cover/ grip. Nice find.

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Wowie-wow is that cool. I imagine that is one torquey devil. Thanks for showing it.

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phantom, what I was thinking. At least they can be replaced. Had a civy mdl got from my Dad, a real wrist breaker, son has it now,LOL. The torque these things have is dangerous. Back in 70’s guy was drilling hole in steady rest on machine we were building using a similar drill motor. He was in awkward position on top of rest. Drill bit caught and drill spun around handle hitting him in gonads! He just slumped over groaning for a few minutes, he never lived it down. Dangerous.

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Great story...those are the ones we remember....hope he gets it going again

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Salvage Sailor

I recall getting Zapped by one of these monsters in the 1960's, two prong plugs and no ground.....


As others wrote, they're heavy and have high torque (no clutches like today) which could lead to bloody knuckles if the bit jammed. We had one in the shop and if you went beyond half speed, it would start arcing and send a pulse in sync with the rotation from your hand and up to your elbow. Touch anything ferrous and BANG.

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