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Some of my Normandy Tactical Maps (1:25,000 scale)

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Great material! I am hoping to find a map that covers the area around Vidouville. My great uncle was KIA there in July 1944 and I'm visiting there in two weeks hoping to determine the relative location where he was killed. The "best" map I have at the moment is from the wartime history of the 2nd Regiment, 5th ID.

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Great maps!  I had several of these and reprinted them.  I also noticed you have one of the two Utah Beach maps.  The artist that did the 2 maps of Utah Beach, and 2 maps of Omaha, Utah North and Utah South, Omaha West and Omaha East was Navy Lt William Bostick of Bingham Farms, Michigan.  I have his photograph on the PhotoGallery of my webpage:  www.ww2dday.com .  You can also hear my briefing at the 82nd Abn La Fiere Bridge Battle at the bottom of the 65th Anniversary photos. 

I had 3 uncles that landed at Omaha Beach with the 110th FA, 29th Inf Div.  my Uncle Harry Green gave me his Omaha-West (Vierville-sur-Mer) map, which would send me to Europe many, many times.  I also helped National Geographic do a story that made the front cover:  UNTOLD STORIES OF D-DAY


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Are any of the reprints still available of the Omaha Beach maps - we are working on restoring USCG-11 which was a 1942 Coast Guard 83 footer that was assigned to close-in shore rescues and wounded evacuations / transfers for this area during the landings and I was hoping to have these displayed either on the fold out map table in the wheelhouse or down below on the mess table or officers desk.  


Best wishes


Matt - www.uscg11.org


USCG-11 1944 Crew.jpg

USCG-11 1944 D-Day Prep.jpg

USCG-11 1944 Dockside.jpg

USCG-11 1944 Wahoo Emblem.jpg

USCG-11 1944.jpg

USCG-11 at MOHAI.jpg

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Would like to buy a D-Day invasion map of  the Cherbourg and Caen area that the seller claims was published in June of 1944.

Your knowledge appreciated.


This screen grab from the map says it was published in 1943 based on a 1914 map, but the seller seems to believe that the "50,000/6/44.We." printed on it means June 1944.  Is that correct, and if not what does it mean, as well as the "We."


Normandy map.jpg


I've seen this same "50,000.." on other sections that specifically say printed in 1944, such as this of Alencon - Mayenne




Thoughts as to the veracity of the seller's claim?

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All I can say that none of my original maps have no information like this?  William Bostick didn't put this type information on any of the Omaha or Utah maps.  



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The GSGS 2738 Maps (Scaled 1:250,000) and GSGS 4249 (Scaled 1:100,000) are Strategic Maps most often used for planning operations not often finding use in the field.  These are more commonly today today.  Tactical maps (1:50,000, 1:25,000, 1:12,500) were used during operations in the field and many were worn out or deemed unnecessary once a region was occupied and troops advanced to other regions. 


My collection focuses on Tactical Maps as I see these being more difficult to find and more connected to combat troops and use in the field.   I especially prefer maps that have indications of use in the field.  Although, unused maps are great for the detail they have. 


My interest in the Strategic Maps is limited. 



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