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I Joined a couple of years ago, but have not posted much. I have been a Civil War Reenactor for almost 25 years.

About 7-8 years ago I began WWII living Histories, and have now collected a WWI impression as well.


I am a high school teacher by profession, so I really enjoy educating the public more than running around shooting blanks.


I am a happily married father of three. I have a "hobby farm", hunt, fish, relic hunt, and am an active member of a local church.


I have collected artifacts since I was old enough to rub two nickles together.


Currently my WWII display consists of a 1943 Willys MB, 1/4 ton trailer (M-100...booooo I know), and a semi-auto Browning 1917a1 watercooled. I have most of the major items and accessories that go with it, and am always searching for the small items that I still need.


I also carry a semi-auto 1919a4 with all the "fixin's"


I hope to be more active here.




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