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Removing sliding keepers on M1956 webbing belt?

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Does anyone know how to safely remove the sliding keepers on the M1956 webbing belt? Or if it's even possible?


I picked up one with the Davis Buckle today that appears to have been assembled inside out, as in the US stamp would be on the inside when properly worn.


Here is what I am talking about:




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Personally, I wouldn't bother. It's very likely it was actually worn this way. I don't recall anyone paying attention to this, or whether the US was upside down or not.

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Just looked at the one I have... and noticed there is no US stamping on the webbing... (??)


Were they all stamped?

How best is yours? I may have faded/worn off

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Looks to me like the belt was made correctly, as the eyelets are facing the correct way, the U.S. stamp on the inside suggests to me that it was stamped on the belt the wrong way. I would leave it as is because it was made that way.



You are correct.


The belt should just be left alone.

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