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Odd WW I Sleeve Chevron/Insignia - What is it?

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Can Anybody ID, or have you ever seen, the sleeve insignia worn on the right sleeve of the seated soldier situated on the left hand side of this photograph?


It is composed of three white (or other light colored) cloth, horizontal bars of approximately equal length.


Aside from light colored hat cords, maybe Quartermaster (buff), Cavalry (yellow) or Infantry (light blue) there is no other insignia visible.


The garb of all the men are consistent with what was being worn in the stateside training camps during 1917 and 1918. The buttons on the service coat are bronze eagle buttons as used by the U.S. Army.


There is no writing on the reverse. The image is printed on U.S. postcard stock, which is consistent with the WW I era.


Any IDs, guesses or theories?


Thanks for looking ... World War I Nerd


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Quite the sense of humor they had back then. If I had to take a guess, I think it could be some sort of squad leader. Doesnt look like any chevron Ive seen, the bars appear to be straight

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A closer look at the man and his mysterious insignia.


By the way, the revolver and the doll are likely studio props.

Looks like he's holding a stuffed Teddy bear....Would be cool if it were a Steiff...Bodes

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I have seen these but my memory of specifics is a little blurry. I'm wanting to say a east coast state Reserve Militia or something along those lines. There was a uniform with something very similar sold on Ebay around 3 years ago or so that had something like this denoting possible rank.




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I am always looking for named items to Central Illinois WWI veterans.



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My wife's uncle, Carl Kollmann, was drafted in MN and sent to Camp Grant. He always claimed he was an "acting corporal" in the mess hall. Wonder if he created any such-looking fake stripes. He did not have to worry, as he was discharged from Camp Grant before Xmas, 1918.


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