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Unknown patch: Saint Mary's Nautical Patrol

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Saw that too. My take was it was a navy rotc unit.

You are probably right. Saint Mary's College's current ROTC program is divided into the three services, Army, Navy and Air Force. The Army Engineer Special Brigades used to be called Engineer Amphibian Brigades so maybe this is Army instead of Navy ROTC.

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Im thinking more of a club, nautical patrol seems more like a club. But I guess it could be some type of ROTC though. Regardless its still a neat looking patch

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I have had one of these patches for years and have never been able to positively ID it. But one thing I have found is the Kings Bay Naval Base is located in St. Mary's GA and was originally an Army base built in 1955. Now if there is any connection between the patch and this base when it belonged to the Army I do not know.



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