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Unique Massachusetts Volunteer Naval Militia Pistol Sharpshooter medal


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8 hours ago, SgtMaddoxUSMC said:


thanks for that photo and information Erik. Here’s some information:


“In a report ending 31 December 1912, the adju- tant general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts noted the authorization of a Marine guard as part of a new naval militia battalion.22 In his report the fol- lowing year, the adjutant general wrote, “For the first time in the history of the Naval Brigade, a Marine guard consisting of 1 commissioned officer and 25 enlisted” was formed.23

A a charter member of Marine Company, Mas- sachusetts Naval Militia, William A. Worton served more than 30 years on active duty after World War I and retired as a major general in June 1949. His detailed record keeping, personal papers collection, and oral history maintained in the Marine Corps Ar- chives and Special Collections Section of the Marine Corps University provide insight into the organiza- tion, arms, equipment, uniforms, and strength of the Marine units in the naval militia prior to and dur- ing the war. He mentions the formation of a Marine unit in the Massachusetts Naval Militia in May 1913 with Walter A. Powers, Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, appointed as a first lieutenant and named as the Marine Com- pany’s first commander.24 A 1909 Harvard gradu- ate, Powers’s credentials mirror those of many who joined the naval militia: well-educated and upwardly mobile. His militia records indicate he was mustered into the Massachusetts Naval Militia on 11 March 1911 and commissioned first lieutenant 27 March 1913.25”

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First off, Erik what a magnificent photo of that Massachusetts Naval Militia Marine Guard. That is the first ever photo I have seen of a Massachusetts Marine guard. Information on/about the Massachusetts Naval Militia is sorely lacking and more so for the Marine Guard. When writing my Monograph on this subject I was hard pressed to find creditable information even within the Massachusetts Military Archives.  Do you have any additional information that I may use to update my  Monograph? If you do I would be grateful for any input from you. Again, thank you for posting that photo.


Clinton, I will contact you soon to see what I can contribute to your book.




AKA-Captain Midnight


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Thanks for the info!  Good to know!  Glad you were able to use the photo for your work.

I just stumbled upon the photo online, originally thinking it was a Navy SS medal.  I didn't even know about the MNM until a week ago when I found the photo.

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