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Dad's WW II US Army ID Bracelet


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Just as recall, I previously communicated on this forum about 2 years ago and shared some photos regarding receiving my Dad's US Army Trunk after Mom recently sold the family home. For whatever reason, my Dad never discussed the Trunk, which he stored away since 1946 when he was discharged. ( See attached)
Dad married Mom in 1947. My Dad passed away in 1976 at age 58. My Mom is 92 years young and doing well. During the 1970s Dad lost his US Army ID Bracelet while shopping in a mall in West Orange NJ. That Bracelet was his favorite and I remember this and in speaking with Mom, she said he went crazy looking for it, but it was never found. I remember it being a nickle colored Bracelet with the following on it: Captain Michael E. Petrone ; US Army 0569749

I have been searching for this for years,thinking it might show up somewhere. Should any of you find it, please reach out to me. I thank you.
Michael Petrone, Jr.

PS At this time, the 75 anniversary D Day , I also attach one of many documents I found among Dad's things which is a document with a message to the troops ( April 1945) from Dwight D. Eisenhower.


* I am not sure if anything is getting attached? I seem to be having trouble with attaching these documents.

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