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1942 Mili-toys PT Boat Toy - Trying to See if This One is Original

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Hello - My name is Ryan and I'm a new member. I came across a local seller with a Mili-toys PT boat kids glider toy from 1942 or so, please see first two links below. I had seen a couple before sell on Ebay through the use of Worthpoint. I have pictured the one that sold on Ebay and it had nice painted waves, a hand crank, and a larger rectangular box area for the gun to mount. The one one Ebay also closely matches the original article PT boat toy from Life Magazine. The Ebay one looked to be complete minus the ammo cartridge.


Fast forward here to the one that is for sale locally. It says PT-22 on it and is missing the wave painting on the sides, the little hand crank, and the mounting area looks much smaller and more squared off. The decal is near flawless though. The guy is asking $500.00. I just wanted to see if anybody knows about these as I'm thinking this one for sale locally may be a mix up of original parts and modified parts or repairs that happened years ago or perhaps modified the boat to match a PT boat his Dad was on. No clue.


Any help would be appreciated.






Picture links are below (I couldn't figure out how to attach large photos on this site so I decided to just link my pics)




https://ibb.co/GQLznrL (PT 22 - Mili-toys that is being offered for sale - looks modified???)

https://ibb.co/y5fkDpy (PT 22 - Mili-toys for sale decal view)



Life Magazine Article on Mili-toys:


https://ibb.co/nrJ7B6W (Life Magazine - Sept 28, 1942 - Mil-Toys article 1 of 2)


https://ibb.co/px7md0p (Life Magazine - Sept 28, 1942 - Mil-Toys article 2 of 2)


https://ibb.co/Wfzcrk0 (Life Magazine - PT Boat up close)




Ebay Auction Photos:


https://ibb.co/bWYD5cH (Mili-toys PT Boat Ebay Listing)


https://ibb.co/CvGYmCW (Mili-toys Ebay Pic 1)


https://ibb.co/Tcz5NBr (Mili-toys Ebay Pic 2)


https://ibb.co/d5z6RpN (Mili-toys Ebay Pic 3)


https://ibb.co/zVKgf3n (Mili-toys Ebay Pic 4)









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